About Us

We seek to provide an unrivalled value and quality with innovations in competitive services, enabled by our unique business model.

PIT Vision is first in the market to introduce many innovations in the field of Information Technology. Through automation, personnel and organizational efficiency we invest a significantly higher proportion of resources into delivery quality and thus value.

The organization has rapidly grown and the value/quality proposition has been developed over a very short period of time.

Management & Training team

The professionalism and performance of our team members is fundamental to us. Our company culture brings together individuals that cooperate through trust.

Our working relationships are typified by the openness of our clients and the common goal to achieve the best performance in the industry at both personal and organizational levels. The team enjoys a high level of decision making authority, allowing flexibility and creativity.

We have a working environment with individuals that have the passion and integrity to deliver, the management team is freed from policing and able to focus on competitive improvements. Feedback to drive quality development is continuously applied from a 100% client satisfaction sampling system.